Ivory and Lace

I have never truly stopped to smell the flowers. Never truly stopped to enjoy the little moments of my day. Finding out I was pregnant, getting married… they have helped me appreciate the little things. Appreciate the morning snuggles I get with my husband. Appreciate the loads of laundry, or appreciate the ice cream sandwiches my husband brought home from work last week. I have smelled the flowers, and they smell like home.

it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

Our daughters’ name

3 Weeks Postpartum Update

It’s been three weeks since our world grew. THREE WEEKS since Emily Ruth entered our lives. The time is flying yet crawling simultaneously. Looking at her, it feels like she has been in our lives for years. Motherhood is nothing like I thought it would be- both the good and the bad.

Emily’s Birth Story
We’re Going Home!

One week ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful, most perfect, most incredible little girl. I cannot believe it has already been one week… while Connor can’t believe it’s ONLY been one week. While we’re all doing great, my physical recovery is moving at the speed of light, and my emotional recovery is slowly on the up and up, Emily’s arrival did not come without a few (thousand) hiccups.

My Fall Haul
Fall Haul 2020

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. Not only was I born in fall (September 28), but literally every detail that is associated with Fall excites me beyond belief! Hot chocolate. Pumpkin pie (making it AND eating it). Warm apple cider. Warm apple cider donuts. You name it, I love it! Coincidentally, most of my wardrobe consists of Fall colors, too.