About Me

Wife. Mom. Friend.

Me and Connor on a Royal Caribbean Cruise- 2019

Hi! Thanks for stumbling across The Modern Momager. My name is Jennifer Whiteley (Jenn for short) and I am so happy you’re here!

The Modern Momager is a blog for the working mom, for the stay-at-home mom, for the modern mom! I have been wanting to create a blog for many years, and just never found the time or energy to devote to one. Now that I am on my way to becoming a first-time mom, I found myself itching for something new. As I navigate becoming a mom, I look to YOU for inspiration!

Some things about me…
  • I have a fair few tattoos (14)
  • I work in live entertainment and theater
  • I LOVE animals
  • I am a full-time graduate student
  • Ask me anything about Harry Potter– I will probably know the answer
  • The above, but about The Office
  • Online shopping is my therapy… as is Target
  • The quarantine has brought my husband and I closer together
  • I love fairy tales, especially Peter Pan

I am a happy wife of one incredible man (Connor), and a future mom of one incredible baby girl (Emily Ruth). Connor and I met in college doing theater- he was an actor and I a stage manager. After becoming best friends and not picking up on signals, I finally found my way to him in 2017. Almost three years later and we just had a wonderful June wedding and are preparing for our September baby. We have two adorable cats, who we love- Blitzen, the handsome and sleek Bombay, and Annie, the small Moo-Cow. We recently moved back to Connecticut after living in Los Angeles for the last 2 years. We love LA, but having family on the east coast is a huge plus for when Miss Emily is born.

One part of our pregnancy announcement- March 2020

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